4S: The Web Marketing Mix

After the evolution of technology and Internet innovation, everything is continuously changing from its traditional characteristics. Even the communication system, transport, lifestyle, business model, marketing strategy is changing due to the internet. 4P defines the marketing mix, and was first expressed in 1960 by E. J. McCarthy in his book, “Basic Marketing – A Managerial Approach” is only applicable for physical business not online based business. As the internet has taken over the world of commerce swiftly; as a result marketing mix 4P has an alternative which is known as web marketing mix 4S and this theory is developed by Efthymios Constantindes. To become a successful marketer it is essential to apply 4S in e-commerce or online marketing.

The Web-Marketing Mix model identifies the online marketing critical elements and addresses the main E-Commerce strategic, operational and organisational issues in an integrated and manageable manner. The WMM is an appropriate basis for the Web Strategic and Marketing planning, especially intended for click-and-mortars operating in the Business-to-Consumer segment.

The model can be also useful to pure-plays or existing online organisations in re-evaluating their E-Commerce presence, provided that such organisations already have or are considering having a physical presence next to the virtual one.

The Web Marketing Mix approaches the marketing planning process in an integral manner, on different levels:

4S Web marketing Mix

Scope: Strategy and Objectives

The scope of web marketing mix covers all the strategies which are related to organization’s online marketing and operations. This strategy includes web-based marketing strategy, market analysis, synchronizing objectives and organization’s responsibilities, definition & classification of the potential customers and analyzing their buying pattern and behavior on the online. 

Site: Web Experience

Site in the web marketing mix focuses on communication between the organization and their customers. User friendly website, customer service, website design and content included in this marketing mix. 

Moreover, during the website development a developer has to focus in some areas like whether visitors get the related information during searching in the website or not, offer or campaign banner in the website have to be linked up with the products page, landing page loading time, flexible order system, organized and precise information of product or service. Usually a customer looks into this matter and if she/he had a great experience during browsing or purchasing then obviously she/he will come back to your website for the next order or will feel more connected with your website than your competitors.

Synergy: Integration

Synergy in business indicates that team work outcomes will be greater than the individuals. In web marketing mix synergy is the combination of 3 components- the front office, the back office, third parties. Usually online marketers invest most of their investment on synergy for a greater result. 

  • The Front Office: It indicates the website itself and conventional corporate communication and distribution strategies. It is important to have an online presence of the organization to provide primary level support, order and campaign related support to make a worthy marketing campaign.
  • The Back Office: It refers to a service which is provided after processing the orders. Starting from the marketing campaign strategies to product related after service strategies all are included under the back office.
  • Third Parties: It is quite costly and time consuming for an organization to do all the tasks internally. So for cost cutting and increasing the productivity; usually an organization linked up with external parties on a campaign or project basis.

System: Technology, Technical Requirement and Website Administration

It deals with technological related issues of a website. Based on time, customer demand; it is necessary to give a right to your team to keep the online platform always up to date for effective online marketing. Moreover, while running a sale or promotional campaign the technical team always has to check whether software is working properly or not and able to process the order in their system. As a result, marketing team efforts will bring great success for the organization.


As every physical business is now trying to have an entity on the internet; it is very important for a business owner to give attention to the web marketing mix theory. So that they can handle their online business very smartly and effectively. At the beginning level of implementing this theory in their online business can look a bit terrific but later on it will be easier after entering and understanding the pattern of the online business. This web marketing mix 4s will help a web business owner to maintain a standard and increase the business size.

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