I don’t have dreams, I have goals

Rashed is a creative, agile, and driven business executive who is more than able to both nurture existing client relationships and develop new business opportunities. He is an expert at putting together penetrative Innovation and Business Growth strategies that help businesses fulfill their potential. He has led numerous new innovation projects and business development efforts and has managed US$1 million worth of portfolios. He is always committed to delivering innovative, value-creating products and solution-based offerings to his clients and customers. On an individual level, he is committed to his own personal development and progression.

He started his career in the development sector and moved to the social business sector five years later. So far, he has worked for three start-up companies. In those companies, he built whole operations from scratch, from proof-of-concept stages to scaleable positions. In Jeeon, he expanded the operations from a single center to 40 Telemedicine Centers serving 10,000+ patients in three districts of the central region of Bangladesh. At Next Billion, he built a network of 1,300+ rural retail outlets and generated US$30K sales in the first quarter of 2020.

Business development is one of his key interest areas. He believes that a business partner is important for all companies — but it is even more important for companies that are launching new products in the market, or companies that need to increase their efficiency in processes such as operations or growth. He has worked as the Head of Business Development at JITA Social Business and later at Jeeon Bangladesh Limited. During his time at JITA, he handled portfolios worth approximately USD 1 Million per year.


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