BTL Activation

CCEB Improved Cookstoves Rural Marketing Project

The objectives of the project was to find out the appropriate market segments for Muspana Cookstoves, to find out the appropriate price point for target segments of Muspana Cookstoves., to find out what promotional materials / branding works for target segments of Muspana Cookstoves and to identify the marketing and distribution cost. This was a pilot project of 3 months duration.

ARLA Dano Daily Rural Marketing Campaign

The main objective of the project was to build the BoP consumers’ awareness regarding nutritional key elements and increase access to nutritional key elements to underserved door-steps. The outcome of the project is the benefits of consuming micronutrients and vitamins is established among the BoP consumers and a demand for DANO Daily is created in the most rural regions, where ARLA distribution channel is not present or cannot reach. 

SHISEIDO Test Marketing Project

Shiseido is in the process of developing a sustainable inclusive business that could solve social as well as health-hygiene issues the women in Bangladesh are facing. As the valuable & integral part of that development process Shiseido, with support from JITA Bangladesh, has conducted the successful product testing over a selected group in rural Bangladesh which resulted in the decision of test marketing for the upcoming year. 

BIC Rural Market Creation Project

JITA Bangladesh has planned, designed and implemented successful BIC market activation program in Tangail Region. Here JITA conducted a 6 month activation program. The ultimate objective of the activation program was to educate rural consumers with shaving hygiene/safety and create significant BIC brand awareness. The entire BIC campaign directly reached more than 20,000 rural populations in Tangail region.

JITA – d.light partnership on rural supply chain and market creation

JITA Bangladesh made a partnership with d.light to intervene in rural community with affordable solar lamps. The initial agenda is focused to “Create and establish an appropriate JITA Operational Model and delivery system for d.light products through pilot basis integration of JITA distribution model and JITA Market Research/ Promotion approach”. Now JITA has made the distribution inclusion of d.light lamps in 10 regions of Bangladesh having aligned community education program promoting solar usage and benefits. 

Senora Education program in rural areas

JITA Bangladesh has conducted successful market creation/education program (1st Phase) with Square Toiletries on ‘Senora Sanitary Napkin’ towards female habitants of rural areas of Tangail and Rangpur. Considering the rural ignorance and taboo over hygiene and sanitary napkin JITA is putting utmost effort in educating rural women (Especially adolescent girls) with safe and hygienic sanitary practices as well as branding Senora as an appropriate solution.

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