The missing middle MSEs: The Financing Gap

In Bangladesh, financial exclusion is widespread. According to the World Bank’s Global Findex database, only 50% of Bangladeshi individuals above the age of 25 have a bank account and only 13% borrow from a formal financial institution. Emphasis placed on financial inclusion by the United Nations has motivated many developing countries in Asia to facilitateContinue reading “The missing middle MSEs: The Financing Gap”

COVID-19: Changes come with Chances

I hope that the coronavirus situation is certainly not going to change the world forever, but it is going to change quite a few things, in some cases, the change might be forever. Below I have predicted 3 of those changes in retail, food and real estate industry. In urban areas, online shopping was alreadyContinue reading “COVID-19: Changes come with Chances”

How do I make my Saturday Night is the most Productive Night of the Week

From the very beginning of my career I tried to become as much organized as possible. And that’s why I have read a lots of books, articles and blogs related to personal productivity and efficiency. Based on all the learning I got from these books, articles and blogs, I have developed my own recipe toContinue reading “How do I make my Saturday Night is the most Productive Night of the Week”

Why Partnership is Important to Grow your Business

The term Business Development is difficult to define as companies tend to modify the scope of work of that role based on their unique needs. In some companies, business development means sales, but more often, business development means a bunch of activities to generate leads to fill the pipeline for the salespeople. Among those bunchContinue reading “Why Partnership is Important to Grow your Business”

Rising from the Ashes: A Journey of a Community Health Entrepreneur

From August 2013 to September 2015, I worked as Head of Business Development at Jita Social Business Limited (a joint venture of CARE International and Dannone Communities). During that period, I had lead to lead lots of varieties projects, like from rural market activation to health entrepreneurs development to establish micro franchisee development in Ethiopia.Continue reading “Rising from the Ashes: A Journey of a Community Health Entrepreneur”