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Managing public restroom hygiene, the smart way

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health had a goal to identify aspects of public sanitation that needed immediate improvement. Microsoft and Next Billion equipped governments and individuals to jointly address public issues with the help of AI technologies, such as machine learning and computer visualization. These technologies enable government agencies to get a predictive edge in identifying public health risks and potential disease hotspots.

Cleaner Toilets, Better Futures

Domestos created its global school’s programme Cleaner Toilets Brighter Futures to help change this. The programme gets unusable toilets clean and then applies the principles of behaviour change, working alongside janitors, teachers/principals and kids so they can learn the benefits of healthy hygiene habits and clean toilets, along with practical skills on how to keep them maintained and operational for the long term. Domestos partners with NGOs, local governments and agencies in countries around the world including Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Iran, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Philippines, Czech Republic and Slovakia to give this programme global reach.

Next Billion design a survey tool to monitor the progress. The field agent will use NB Data app to do baseline and endline survey.

Quà Tặng Unilever (Unilever Gifts)

Next Billion developed a PII platform for Cleanipedia, Vietnam. Unilever will encrypt the file and share with 3rd party transportation vendor who will deliver samples to registered consumers. Unilever can access a portal to download CSV file which includes survey questionnaire. A phone number and email ID will be used only once to register & submit the form. After submitting the form an OTP sms will be sent to verify phone number.

Unilever Philippines PII Platform

Next Billion developed 3 different media  for Unilever Philippines pilot – Visual flyer advertising platforms, Web-based Pll platform to incentivize and capture consumer contact details, and Web & Chatbot platform to incentivize and capture consumer contact details.The users get a reward after submitting the PII information through chatbot. At the beginning participants get free samples of Unilever products. Later on, participant receive 100MB of free data for Facebook and free SMS for one day. During the 12 months of campaign period, Next Billion helped Wall’s Indonesia to collect 35,227 consumers data.

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