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B2B Retail eCommerce Project for Next Billion

Next Billion B2B Retail initiatives increase profit for traditional retail outlets in Asia by digitalizing wholesale product ordering, shop management, and affordable financial services. It was one of the first B2B ordering platform targeting last-mile retail shops in Bangladesh.

– Establish the pilot operations of B2B Retail initiative with 1500+ rural retail outlets
– Total revenue reach to $120,000 in 6 months, with an average basket size of around $60
– Completed around 2000+ deliveries in 6 months
– Establish 3 partnerships with FMCG companies to sales products in the last mile
– Raised $130,000 venture capital from Betatron, a Hong Kong based Venture Capital firm & Startup Accelerator
– Designed a GPS based route plan for products delivery to last-mile retail shop in a cost-effective way
– Design the e-commerce site for retailers

Cash Recycling Project for Dmoney Bangladesh Limited

Dmoney’s vision to optimize and lower transaction costs has led it to analysing various vertical Markets and use cases. This has resulted in it finding a gap and opportunity in the existing Cash-In and Cash-Out  model. It believes it can address this gap and optimize the delivery by designing and building a Cash Recycling platform to deliver the service. 

Developed a pilot model for cash recycling platform ensuring safe, convenient and easy ways to make payments and money transfer services via mobile phones to both the unbanked and the banked people of Bangladesh. Created a link between B2B distributors and engage FMCG, MNC and other enterprises penetrating MFIs enabling digital transactions. Developed a crowd sourcing model where cash-In customers “cash” can fulfil the cash out customers “cash” needs.

AjkerDeal Live Commerce Platform

What is Live Commerce? Live commerce is a combination of TVC or Asian Sky shop, plus Facebook live, plus an eCommerce platform, all rolled into 1 app. AjkerDeal Live Shopping is a Live Commerce platform tailored for brands/merchants & content creators and broadcast products live in front of thousands of users.


  • Developed a database of 1000+ Facebook merchants who regularly use live streaming service of Facebook to sell products
  • Co-developed the process of doing live in Facebook with merchants’ product
  • Co-design the features of Video Shopping
  • Co-design the features of Live Shopping
  • Developing a platform for social media influencers.

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