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The Growth of the Influencers Marketing in Bangladesh

Now-a-days the presence of digitalization is visible in every aspect of our life; such as education, health and medicine, entertainment, marketing, finance sectors etc. When it comes to digital marketing, it has rapid changes in Bangladesh. Currently, the brands or companies use third parties’ content creators for promoting new products in digital media. As peopleContinue reading “The Growth of the Influencers Marketing in Bangladesh”

4S: The Web Marketing Mix

After the evolution of technology and Internet innovation, everything is continuously changing from its traditional characteristics. Even the communication system, transport, lifestyle, business model, marketing strategy is changing due to the internet. 4P defines the marketing mix, and was first expressed in 1960 by E. J. McCarthy in his book, “Basic Marketing – A ManagerialContinue reading “4S: The Web Marketing Mix”

Importance of First-Party Data for Marketing and New Product Development

Now-a-days marketing relationship is continuously improving the relationship with both customers & consumers to create a better impact on their mind than before. To build up that relationships, companies are now investing more in customer relationships such as-provide sample products, communicate with customers & ask for feedback, proactive customer support etc. During product launching, alongContinue reading “Importance of First-Party Data for Marketing and New Product Development”

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